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Your Professional Hairdressing Career Awaits

This is within your reach. And because you take your education seriously, because you are as career-focused as we are, because you already possess qualities of professionalism, punctuality, work ethic, creativity, and have that striking personality, you belong at Salon Institute.

In less than 2 years you’ll be in the full throes of your cosmetology & hairdressing career. In less than 2 days, you’ll be cutting and styling hair!

Salon Institute offers 3 programs of study:

Learn what you need about starting our program in either Toledo or Columbus, OH, schedule a visit, and get ready to start with the next class.

Program Information

Salon Institute’s curriculum leverages the benefits of hands-on learning to enhance a student’s confidence level through actual experience.

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Our fully licensed and deeply experienced educators found at both our Toledo and Columbus locations will have you trying your hand applying just-learned hair cutting and styling techniques to mannequins on your second day of class. In three months, you’ll be thoroughly prepared to take on your own clients!

By the time you graduate you will have all the knowledge and skill necessary for passing your State Board exam.

Since Salon Institute is a working salon, you will be immersed in an upscale salon environment, surrounded by the people, products, and energy that exemplifies the hairdresser’s lifestyle you’ve chosen.

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As a Salon Institute student you’ll participate in community events supporting charities and organizations.

Use this experience to practice your networking skills and gain valuable contacts in the industry.

Our Salon Showcase and Job Fairs put you face to face with salon owners; and you’ll be ready to meet them, because you’ve taken advantage of all the resume-building, interviewing skill practice, and portfolio compilation resources we’ve made available to you.

Model flaunting unique hair styleAnd what better way to pull it all together than being part of our professional-quality runway hair show?

Your college experience at Salon Institute will be uniquely tailored to suit your career goals and focus.

Getting started begins with an interview and application.

Make sure you have your high school diploma or equivalent first. Then get in touch to find out what’s next.

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