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A Premier Beauty School in Toledo and Columbus, Ohio

The glamour, sparkle, fast-paced, sizzling world of fashion includes far more than just clothing and accessories.

Real statements – bold statements – are made through hairstyling.

And Salon Institute is the beauty school to help you make those statements.

With your eye for the beautiful, standard cosmetology training just isn’t enough. To become part of fashion’s energetic, ever-changing industry, you need education and experience from a beauty school that takes you beyond the norm.

This isn’t a last resort for you. This is the only path. We get it.

Salon Institute has spent years developing unique career focused programs for people like you; people with a passion to learn, to design, to create. With Beauty School locations in Toledo and Columbus, OH, we don’t just teach, we immerse you in the industry and in our communities. You won’t just become a hairstylist at this beauty school, you’ll become a creative leader.

Experience Salon Institute and take the first step toward your professional cosmetology career.


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