TIGI Creative School: A rich history of business, education and artistry

Born in London, perfected Worldwide

What does it mean to be a part of something bigger than yourself?

What can we accomplish when passion, vision, commitment and hard work collide in a perfect storm? That’s when our potential to grow, to create and to earn exceeds even our own expectations.

TIGI’s history provides a strong example of this concept.

“We had the opportunity to demonstrate to hairdressers the capabilities if you have passion, if you have vision, if you have belief in yourself.”

That’s the story of TIGI, a company that began when 4 brothers picked up their shears, harnessed their vision and passion, and worked together to develop an international fashion and beauty powerhouse in TIGI Linea.

At Salon Institute, we are so proud of the rich history we are privileged to participate in as a TIGI Creative School! Watch the video below to learn more about TIGI’s history of fashion and education … then talk to us about how you can be a part of its future!

To view more TIGI Professional videos and learn about latest looks and innovations, visit TIGI Professional HERE.

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