With a 6-hour time difference, days packed full of training and sight seeing, and focus on trying to absorb as much Italian culture as possible, Salon Institute students have had limited time to loop those of us back home in on what’s happening during their 7-day study abroad trip. Check out some of the snippets they found time to send us between soaking in new techniques from the Italian TIGI Collective Team, gobbling up amazing food (gellato, yum!), and getting their culture on! (If not for Facebook Messenger we never would have heard from them!)

Facebook/ Camille Crandall

Facebook/ Camille Crandall


Facebook/ Camille Crandall

Facebook/ Camille Crandall


Photo courtesy of Camille Crandall

Photo courtesy of Camille Crandall


Photo courtesy of LeAndra Ames

Camille shared some highlights from the TIGI Advanced Cut and Colour classes … and one of their favorite “sight seeing” aspects of Milan — the people!

Class was from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and they did demos on haircuts and color techniques, then we did cuts on mannequins. It was pretty fast-paced, but we all learned a lot, I think! We learned a lot just by watching their technique, or something just as simple as holding their shears differently,

Oh, and the men are BEAUTIFUL and we don’t want to come back at least not yet, lol.

Searra loved the cutting portion of the class, especially the hands-on help from the Italian instructors, such as cutting educator Jessica Keim.

Q: Tell me your favorite parts so far.

Searra: The pizza place by school, lol. And this super cute cut we did yesterday! Scissor over comb on the sides longer on the top with a disconnected women’s cut. 


Q: Give us two things you are going to bring back from the class to apply to your education here [at Salon Institute].
Searra: Watching the mirror and my posture. I don’t look in the mirror enough when I cut so sometimes I cut too long.
Facebook/ Camille Crandall, Searra Clausen, LeAndra Ames

Facebook/ Camille Crandall, Searra Clausen, LeAndra Ames


Q: What from your education here at Salon Institute helped you be prepared and get the most out of the class?
Searra: Headsheets — they taught me partings and sections very well
Q: What makes you MOST happy you went?
Searra: Italy’s pizza is super good. And Venice (once we make it there), and meeting the teachers.




Facebook/ Searra Clausen