Salon Institute is proud to highlight the lovely Sadia Kutz, a student stylist scheduled to graduate this spring. Sadia is full of positive energy, exuberant encouragement, and a crazy sense of humor (we like to laugh around here). She’s the girl to find when you’re having a bad day!  

Our students surprise us daily with their passion, artistic edge, and desire to push the envelope (and us! and each other!) to become among THE next movers and shakers in the beauty industry. We are buzzing with excitement for you to get to know the students who Salon Institute is so proud to call our own! 

20160106 Sadia Kutz Headshot

Please, introduce yourself!
Sadia Kutz

When did you start classes at Salon Institute?
January 2015

What is your favorite part of coming to school every day?
I love being around people who have the same interest as I do. It’s amazing to be around so many creative people. 

What have you learned about yourself during your time at Salon Institute?
I’ve never had the confidence I do now. I’ve learned I can do anything if I work at it, and have faith. 

What did you do before you decided to launch your career at Salon Institute?
I attended the University of Toledo for Early Childhood Education. I also work at Applebee’s as a server and still love it there!

Tell us about your family. Are you married? Have kids? Have furbabies? How old are they? How long have you been with your significant other? Tell me, tell me!
I’ve been married for almost 3 years now. My husband has been the biggest supporter for me through all of this, and I am so very thankful for that. I have a little girl named Harper. She is sassy, sweet, and my world.

I have amazing sisters and brothers scattered everywhere, and I am so glad to have them. My dad is one of my best friends. I’m SUPER excited to visit him in California after I am done with school!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
This is what I want to be. A confident, happy stylist making others happy.

What makes your heart sing?
Uplifting people. It’s really amazing to be around so many every day.

What is at the top of your bucket list?
Hmmm … gosh … I would have to say zip lining! That would be awesome!

What piece of advice would you give yourself on your first day of cosmetology college at Salon Institute?
Calm down. I put so much pressure on myself. When I stopped doing that, it all came together. 

Name 3 foods that always in your fridge.
Cheese. Pudding. Mac ‘n’ cheese.

What do you want your legacy to be here at school?
To encourage one another. 

Words to live by …. go!
You can anything. I know it may sound cliche, but you can. 

And you will.