Brittany StanfordThe small girl in the big heels with even bigger dark curls giggles nervously as we powwow before her class.  Brittany Stanford, a 2013 academy graduate, is getting ready to teach an editorial hair and makeup styling workshop for the TIGI Creative School students. Less than two years out of cosmetology school, Brittany’s mad hairdressing skills and firecracker personality have positioned her on a steady path for career advancement at one of the hottest salons in Toledo – Attitudes, a Salon.

“Seriously, I am where I am today because of TIGI,” Brittany shared with current students as she taught them a tip for using Scotch tape to achieve a crisp eye shadow line. “I learned so much and had so much confidence going into the salon.”

Brittany’s confidence and technically strong skill set, coupled with her friendly, upbeat personality have set her on a path for success in the salon. She currently is finishing her assistantship with Attitudes Owner Janice Edginger, a position that led to opportunities such as working on an editorial photo shoot last fall and learning side by side with Janice daily.

Brittany Stanford portfolio shot“Janice is a perfectionist,” Brittany said with a smile. “I’ll think something is perfect and she’ll see one little kink and make me fix it.”

Her advice to students is to take advantage of the opportunity to work with our TIGI technique-trained cosmetology educators as often as possible – pick their brains, try new techniques with the safety net of being in a training facility.  She also suggested refining techniques that become rote but are used multiple times a day in the salon – such as strong blow drying skills.

“If your floor sheet says to do five round brush sets, do six,” she said.

In the past year, Brittany moved into her own apartment, bought herself a car, and has worked as a bridal party makeup artist pulling down nearly $300 in 3 hours of work – less than 2 years into her career.

Janice Edginger, Brittany’s mentor, said she appreciates Brittany’s positive attitude and willingness to learn.