We always say that we would be nothing without our staff, and feel strongly that the Salon Institute team is the best in the business!  In our “Meet & Greet” blog series, get to know the people that make Salon Institute amazing! 

We are excited to introduce Alexandra ‘Alex’ Howard, a recent addition to the Toledo Campus team as an admissions specialist. A licensed managing cosmetologist, Alex is bringing her experience behind the chair and her first-hand knowledge of life as a cosmetology student to her role in admissions, coupled with her infectious enthusiasm for life, random silly noises and willingness to jump in and make things happen! She’s our kind of people and we already love her dearly. 

When did you start working with Salon Institute?
July 2015

 What is your favorite part of coming to work every day?
Howard, Alex hs Having such an encouraging team! I really feel appreciated every single day and it means so much to me!

Describe your job in 3 words.
Introduction, Preparation, Assurance

What did you do before you worked at Salon Institute?
I worked at The French Twist, a full service salon located in Toledo with an amazing staff loaded with talent!

What have you learned about yourself while in this position?
How much passion I really do have for this industry. I always loved working behind the chair just as much as I loved my time in school, but now I get to express it everyday to people who are wearing the same shoes I was before I started school. I think being able to make my devotion to this industry known everyday has really shown me a passionate side of myself.

Tell us about your family. Are you married? Have kids? Have furbabies? How old are they? How long have you been with your significant other? Tell me, tell me!
I am married. Jon and I have been married for about 2 months now. We knew each other for 6 months before we decided to tie the knot- when you know, you know! We have a very furry furbaby named Yoda. He is a Norwegian elk hound and he is my pride and joy. He knows nothing but love, seriously the happiest dog I have ever met.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I’ve always wanted to work on a cruise ship as a stylist! I could travel and do what I love!

What makes your heart sing?
Musicals. Snow boarding. Textured bobs. And banana splits.

What is at the top of your bucket list?
Traveling to Greece.

Name 3 foods that always in your fridge.
Coffee creamer, pickles, and apple butter.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?
My attitude. I am very optimistic and can always find humor in something.

What do you want people to know about you?
I have been a vegetarian for 11 years, I can ride a unicycle, and I drink more water than a camel.

Words to live by …. go!
Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is called living.