Flex Schedule Selection Form

Flex Schedule Flex Day and Saturday Enrollment Form

For students who are enrolled in a 2 or 3-day class schedule, please use the form below to select: 1. The Saturdays you will commit to as student salon days 2. For 3-day students, the day of the week you are choosing as your third day beginning in your ninth week of classes. Please reach out to admissions@saloninstitute.edu with any questions or needed clarifications.
  • Please use a phone number that we can text or that you answer regularly.
  • 3 Day Student Section

  • Saturday Dates

    Please select the Saturdays you are committing to being in school for Saturday student salon hours. Hair Design Program Students = 12 Saturdays Cosmetology Program Students = 15 Saturdays Advanced Cosmetology Students = 18 Saturdays

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