Alumni Spotlight: Danielle Koprowski, salon stylist and educator

Sometimes you have to try different paths before you find what’s right for you. 2012 graduate Danielle Koprowski shares her career journey from early childhood education, nursing and ultimately cosmetology. After years of being her own boss in the salon, she’s back to educating the next generate of Salon Institute grads!

Click on the image or the link below to watch her tell her story and to learn how her experience with our TIGI school prepared her for her career.

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Link in the photo not working? Click HERE to watch the video of Dani’s story on how the TIGI school prepared her to start a career in the beauty industry.

“I originally pursued a career in teaching and quickly changed my major to nursing.
I found out in nursing school that I didn’t have the ability to shut off my emotions when I came home at the end of the day.
Because of laws and specific regulations that you have to follow I couldn’t talk about it at home and that killed me.
I immediately had to ask myself if I was in the correct profession. [sic] I originally wanted to be an instructor or teacher of some sort, so when I finally found my passion of being in this industry and then was presented with the opportunity to be an educator, that was literally my dream job.”

What made Dani choose to attend the TIGI Creative School?

  • Accreditation and credibility
    As a former nursing student who understood the importance of accreditation and credentials, the fact that we are accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences helped Danielle to recognize the seriousness of our program and the regulations by which we must abide.

During her school selection process, Danielle toured various schools in the area and decided that the TIGI school was the best choice for her because of the pride the students, staff and administrators take in our relationships and our education.

  • High educational standards
    Salon Institute has a reputation for holding high standards for our students and our staff. We strive to provided a high-level of education that will prepare our graduates and make them viable and employable immediately post-graduation. Our biggest goal is for each student to feel confident and have the preparedness and the skill set to start a career.

“My biggest thing is I like to be challenged. If something is easy it probably isn’t worth it. [sic]
This is not an easy program — it’s hard and it’s meant to challenge you but once you walk out those doors you are all you have.”

  • Fast pace
    Salon Institute students begin hands-on with hair cutting their second day in class on mannequin heads. By the time they have finished their first 4 weeks of class, they have learned multiple haircuts, the beginning elements of facials and manicures, and practiced styling. The first 8 weeks are designed to lay a foundation for the rest of the Cosmetology Manager Program, so that a student can start to experience multiple facets of the industry immediately. Our students don’t want to sit and stare at a book day after day, so we don’t ask them to.
  • Dedicated staff
    “If you get lost along the way or you feel like you’re stuck or you need help there are so many people here that are willing to help you and that is what they are here for is to teach you and to mold you and to help point you in the right direction.”
  • Career opportunities
    Throughout her 4 years as a beauty professional, Dani has worked as an independent contractor booth renting in a salon, and as an educator — and says she can’t imagine a better job. She encourages every student to take control of their own education and career path.

    “You have the capability to decide whether or not you are going to make your schooling productive and get the most out of it.
    You are paying to be here, why not become the best stylist you can be? Literally you are getting the best education that’s out there from this program.”

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